Easy Customer Engagement

Never miss a call : Large chunk of potential customers are lost as their call wasn’t picked.
Single contact point : Customers prefer to maintain a single number contact with a company.
Customer database : 70% new business can come from your existing customer database.
24 x 7 available : Make yourself available round-the-clock by our cloud automation system.
Provide your company with a single contact number. Our virtual numbers can handle upto 100 simultaneous calls. While the service is available around the clock, your customer knows that you are always there. We also help track all your calls enabling you to build a potential database. You can also transfer calls without pissing-off the customer by disconnecting, or redirecting by giving a new number to call. Now, route any call through simple numbers.
MyOperator answers all these issues with seamless ease.

Efficient Operations

Reduce door rejections : In Cash-on-Delivery mode bring door rejections down to less than 1%.
Customer retention : Loyal customers can account for 42% of your total sales, if retained.
Track supply chain : Reduce your supply chain tracking efforts to 20% by going on cloud.
Save confirmation costs : Save upto 90% cost on your various order confirmations.
Get facilities like COD Order Confirmation through cloud automation. It is simple and hassle free to Convert Pending orders. Our product helps in systematic tracking to provide a pleasant user experience. This makes it possible to Convert the Pending Orders and retain customers. Before Dispatch Confirmation facility enables reducing door rejections. Our product saves your operational costs for all these activities and provides an enhanced user experience.
CODAC today.

Effective Marketing

Engage customers : Meet your clients over mobile phone building target database.
Marketing tool : Employ a marketing tactic that serves uniformly across segments.
Generate leads : Connect with new customers just over a toll free missed call.
Easy setup : Cloud Technology enables easy setup without technology hurdle.
Employ our product for Lead generation. Build a database of all the customers to draw analytics. Customer Engagement gets easier when all they have to do is give a missed call. Our service is widely used for tracking orders and taking customer feedback. Companies who have their agents on the field prefer their activity verification through our missed call facility. Empower your customers to reach you by giving a missed call on a smart number.
Market using MisDial.